Groove Army Academy

Groove Army Academy


Our Academy resumes! Every Thursday, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

But, we’ve got one upgrade. The Academy won’t run in semesters, as was the case with BDS, but as open class only (one-off lessons once in a while) or through membership cards, which offer ten visits, one visit being deducted in each lesson you attend. This way, lessons won’t fall through and won’t need to be rescheduled if someone should decide again to ban them. You also won’t have to feel bad that the course is running when you don’t turn up. You’ll simply save your visit for the next time, and your Groove Army card will last longer.

This also means that you can join at any time. You won’t have to think about whether it’s worth it to pay for the entire semester when its halfway done.

We’re looking forward to seeing you! Come, meet new friends and be part of this great crew. In time, you may join us at the greatest events and play a great show!

Groove Army for Life!

  • As before, open classes at 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. can be attended by anyone, at any time, tried as a one-off lesson or be attended only occasionally. Open classes cost CZK 300.
  • Card with ten visits costs CZK 2,500, which makes individual lessons cheaper.
  • Instrument rental is included in the price, you only need to bring comfy clothes and earplugs if necessary. You can also change clothes at the Academy.
  • As always, lessons take place at Depo Hostivař, in our rehearsal rooms (Services Complex 1, a short walk from the Depo Hostivař metro station).
  • Of course, you don’t have to register for any open class, just come when you feel like it. If for some reason the lesson gets cancelled, you will be informed about it on our Facebook page and in the WhatsApp group chat for the Groove Army Academy.
  • We’ll make a drummer out of each and every one of you, no matter whether you’ve played an instrument before, you’ll be fine, trust me.

And who will teach you at the academy?



Founder and leader of the Groove Army. Under his leadership, all lessons and / or rehearsals of the band take place. He has been at the forefront of the music scene since high school and has learned from the best.



Over the years, he became Tokhi’s right-hand man. An experienced drummer who masters most of our instruments teaches or leads the orchestra on days when Tokhi is not available.




Služeb 1
Depo Hostivař
Praha 10, Strašnice
108 00
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