Groove Army

Groove Army

In the beginning, there was a dream.

And that dream was brought to life thanks to a mission that came like a bolt from the blue. Tokhi was faced with a difficult task: to put together and train – in a matter of weeks – a bulletproof drum unit. It worked out. We’ve come a long way since our founding, and no stone was left unturned, but the Groove Army is here and it has become the most popular drum project on the Czech scene.

Modern beats and the incredibly powerful sound of drums makes the country dance far and wide from wherever we play. You won’t mishear us, you won’t overlook us. What we are planning will take your breath away. At festivals, celebrations, parades, races, stadiums, in he streets, fan zones, music clubs, and in many dancing hearts – that’s where we feel best. Be with us, we are here to stay.

T & GA

The original drum show Tokhi & the Groove Army is based on the principles of Brazilian samba, but goes beyond it in many aspects. The group of drummers uses instruments typical for sunny Brazil (surdo, caixa, caxixi, pandeiro, tamborim, ganza, timba, etc.) … Aside from classical rhythms for a Samba Bateria, the group also plays modern beats inspired by hip hop, r´n´b, or grooves and rhythms from all over the world.

A vibrant drum show that will captivate the audience so much that they will literally surrender to its unbridled power and unstopable energy. The drummers will capture the audience’s attention with their distinctive choreography and original costumes. No sound engineering is needed, the whole band can go marching with their instruments.

Members of the Groove Army form a versatile whole, suitable for concert stages and festivals. With their unorthodox musical elements, they will add a distinctive atmosphere to parades, VIP parties, openings, exhibitions and many other events.

The Groove Army’s performances can be combined with the DrumCircle workshop or a seminar where you can try out the instruments yourself!
DrumCircle is a form of group drumming where the participants play drums or other percussion instruments together, under the guidance of the facilitator. These events represent a spontaneous expression of the individual in cooperation with others where emphasis is put on communication.

The Groove Army plays under the guidance of the experienced percussionist and drummer Tokhi.


If you are interested in Groove Army Show with Tokhi or if you have any question or you have a proposal of cooperation, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be very happy for any feedback.